Underground Warfare – Dead On Arrival

Country: Taiwan
Genre: Action/ Martial Arts/ Bullet Ballet/ Girls With Guns
Director: Ma Siu-Wai
Year: 1989

Rating: ★½☆☆☆


Another pathetic excuse for an action movie from Taiwan.

Whoever wrote the screenplay has no clue about dialog or plot development. With such a crappy script, even a sly old fox like Ku Feng is wasted. And most of the cast is bland at best, completely incompetent at worse.

Director/martial arts coordinator Ma Siu-Wai is an embarrassment. How can you make someone like Dick Wei look like a mediocre talent? Most of the punches and kicks obviously don’t connect. The choreography is rudimentary and random, instead of building and having rhythm.

The explosions look like pink dust bombs left over from a ninja picture.

Underground Warfare is DOA.

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