Missing – Season 1 – Chick Flick Hell

Country: United States
Genre: Drama/ Action/ Romance/ Martial Arts
Director: Various
Year: 2012

Rating: ★½☆☆☆


My wife prefers television to movies, so I keep a lookout for anything that she might enjoy that won’t drive me completely nuts. Generally, she likes action, comedy, and anything that won’t make her think too hard or shake her emotional equilibrium. In other words, escapism.

And, being a woman, she naturally gravitates to shows that feature women. Nothing wrong with that per se.

I can even stand shows that have elements of the chick flick formula, up to a point.

What is the chick flick formula, pray tell? I’m glad you asked.

Start out with a whiny, middle-aged heroine with entitlement issues who is attractive enough to be a wish fulfillment fantasy for soccer moms but no so much attractive as to be a threat. Add men who find her irresistible and put up with truckloads of shit even though a normal male would run for the hills at the first indication of the massive neurosis these women have. Have the woman almost always be right. Have the woman be obnoxiously demanding and almost always get her way. Score additional points if the woman gets to travel to postcard pretty travel destinations.

Some shows, such as The Closer, start out with the basic formula but add to it with such fripperies as intelligent characterization and lucid plotting.

Not Missing. This is 100%, undiluted chick flick. That is to say complete bullshit.

Nothing that happens is believable. Everything that happens is predictable. Even my wife is beginning to object to the grotesque lack of reality on the show.

Now, single men: here’s a test for you. Watch a couple of episodes of Missing with your girlfriend. If she likes it, ditch her and save yourself a lot of agony.

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