Bloody Revenge – We Wish

Country: Hong Kong
Genre: Action/ Martial Arts/ Girls With Guns
Director: Wong Siu-Jun
Year: 1992

Rating: ★★☆☆☆


With pictures like Bloody Revenge cluttering Hong Kong movie houses in the early 90s, it’s no wonder their film industry up and died.

In brief description, Bloody Revenge has the makings of a decent genre outing.

Mainland cupcake Jane (Wong Wing-Fong) naively accepts a modeling job in Taiwan, not realizing she is being prepped for the ho stroll. When Jane’s sister Wang (Kara Hui) realizes the ugly truth, she’s determined to rescue Jane.

Meanwhile the guys who are pimping out Jane, Ma Chy (Dick Wei) and Ti (Kwai Chung), are also running guns. That’s mostly what Taiwanese cop Hong (Chiang Tao) and Hong Kong cop Wan (Lung Tien-Hsiang) are concerned about.

That scenario clearly has some possibilities.

Bloody Revenge also has the advantage of a good cast, at least on paper. You’d think a picture frontlined by Kara Hui, Dick Wei, and Alex Man couldn’t be all that bad, but you’d be wrong. Alex Man appears for about ten seconds, and big swaths of screen time are given to Kwai Chung, Chiang Tao, and Lung Tien-Hsiang, all of whom are terrible actors.

The script by Chan Man-Kwai is a big problem, too. In the broad strokes, the picture makes sense, but from moment to moment, it’s nonsense. The dialog is crap. The logical sinews which should have bound the scenes together are all but absent.

Even considering the horrid script, director Wong Siu-Jun doesn’t pull performances from his actors. He just directs traffic, and poorly at that. The camera movements lack elegance. So, the actors are left on their own. Only Kara Hui transcends the crappy filmmaking. Whenever she appears on the screen, the film is jolted to fitful life from the sheer force of her personality.

This is also true of Kara Hui’s performance of the martial arts choreography by Paul Wong Kwan. His choreography isn’t terrible, but it’s a bit on the sloppy side, not very creative, and obviously rushed. Again, the only performer to transcend the circumstances is Kara Hui, and she doesn’t get to use her kung fu to either rescue her sister or take revenge, which is what we as an audience were waiting for. Instead, the spotlight is ceded to those two non-entities, Chiang Tao and Lung Tien-Hsiang. They’re passable martial arts actors, but they both have the charisma of steamed pork buns.

Bloody Revenge is a tedious experience. The story has no surprises, and we aren’t even compensated with good craft. Bloody Revenge is far from the worst HK action flick ever cranked out, but even Kara Hui can’t make it worth watching.

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