Black Dream – Nothing To See Here

Country: Hong Kong
Genre: Action/ Romance
Director: Joe Hau
Year: 1995

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆


Black Dream is an excruciatingly dull genre exercise, the very type of half-assed triad drama that sank the Hong Kong film business back in the 90s.

Black Dream features three of the most boring actors I’ve ever seen: Michael Tong, Raymond Tso, and Ng Shui-Ting. Tong and Ng are practically interchangeable Tiger Beat pinups, which is doubly unfortunate because they both play assassins working for the same triad. I had trouble telling who was who.

Too bad the drama didn’t center around Michael Chan’s character. Whenever he’s on screen, the movie lurches to life by grace of the sheer force of Chan’s personality.

The script by Lee Biu-Cheung and Ray Mak Kai-Chung provides no interest. You’ve seen it all in better Hong Kong pictures dozens of times.

Even worse, there’s no martial arts or stunts to speak of. There isn’t even a martial arts coordinator credited. Director Joe Hau has no clue how to shoot action. The assassins point their guns. Bang! People fall down dead. There’s no style, no excitement.

I can’t understand why the filmmakers bothered.

Oh, yeah, of course. The producers threw a crappy production together with some pretty male leads and sold it as a triad picture, hoping to recoup their investment the first weekend from unwary suckers, knowing full well the picture would tank afterwords on poor word of mouth.

You’ve been warned. Don’t let an hour and a half of your life be stolen by this claptrap.

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