3 Days of a Blind Girl – Comic Peril

Country: Hong Kong
Genre: Comedy/ Suspense
Director: Chan Wing-Chiu
Year: 1993

Rating: ★★★½☆


I’m not going to tell you much about the plot of 3 Days Of A Blind Girl AKA Retribution Sight Unseen. Here’s what you need to know. Mrs. Ng (Veronica Yip) has just had an operation on her eyes and she will be temporarily blind for 3 days. Her selfish husband (Anthony Chan) will be out of town at a convention, leaving his wife alone with only her dog and a maid for company. While the maid is out, Sam Chu (the great Anthony Wong) shows up and terrorizes her. A not-too-bright cop (Jamie Luk) and a burglar (Fruit Chan) also make appearances.

At first, we aren’t sure exactly what Sam Chu wants. Screenwriter So Man-Sing doles out the details gradually, which is part of the fun.

What makes 3 Days of a Blind Girl worth watching is Chan Wing-Chiu’s directorial strategy. Veronica Yip gives a dead serious, realistic portrayal. The actors playing the husband, cop and maid are a bit broader, but within the realm of realism. But the actors playing the crooks are directed to go for comedy. This is an interesting and intelligent choice.

On the one hand, director Chan Wing-Chiu isn’t required to keep an iron grip on tone and pacing, the way he would if he were making a serious thriller. He can play much looser. His concept is much more forgiving. If he drops a beat here and there, or a line or scene doesn’t quite play, we can overlook it because the film is leaning towards comedy.

Given the filmmakers’ concept, it’s a damned good thing Anthony Wong is playing the lead. As usual from this period in his career, he can do no wrong. His performance is consistently witty and amusing.

Although screenwriter So Man-Sing’s screenplay may not be razor sharp, I enjoyed the way he developed Anthony Wong’s character and steadily increased the stakes.

For me, the only thing that keeps 3 Days of a Blind Girl from a Highly Recommended rating is that the climax isn’t wild and wooly, extended, or creative enough. It needed three or four more action beats and reversals to truly be satisfying.

A good example of such a climax is the one at the end of Raped By An Angel. Where is Wong Jing when you need him?

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