24 – Sixth Season DVDs 4-6 – What Makes Jack Run

Country: United States
Genre: Action
Director: Various
Year: 2007

Rating: ★★★★½


Season 6 of 24 is unusually thematically cohesive. It’s all about exploring Jack’s personality and how it was formed. Given how extreme the character is, it would take the most dysfunctional family of all time to create the Frankenstein monster that is Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), and the creators of the series do not disappoint.

But that’s not the only point of interest in the latter part of Season 6. The character of Tom Lennox (Peter MacNicol), the White House’s Chief Of Staff, is broadened and deepened considerably, developing into one of the more intriguing and amusing characters in the show’s history. At one point, when Tom is forced to watch a person that he knows having sex for the sake of national security, his facial expressions and body language are priceless.

Gratifyingly, Cheng (Tzi Ma), the Chinese scumbag that tortured Jack, worms his way back into the story. Other cast members makes surprise appearances.

24 continues it’s tradition of making things as hard as possible on all of it’s heroes. People we like die badly, have their careers ruined and are otherwise treated shabbily for the sacrifices they’ve made to ensure the security of the United States.

At one point, Jack gets to speak for them all, sounding off bitterly that, for all his sacrifices, he was allowed to rot away in a Chinese prison until the day the government needed him to lay his ass on the line for the umpteenth time.

Is there a surprise ending? In a way, but it is quiet and ruminative, in keeping with the themes of Season Six. You have to ask yourself, how long can the creators play out this string? Everything seems to be pointing to an imminent collapse and imploding of Jack Bauer’s patriotism and/or sanity. Stay tuned.

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